Two of Wands, Queen of Pentacles and Seven of Swords

We live in what some might call a very patriarchal culture. It seems that politics and governance are in the first place controlled by men and where things are not controlled by men, there seems to be a discrepancy with how much women are paid compared to men doing the same job. It is almost instilled into us that the outward parts of society are controlled and played out by men.

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Justice, Wheel of Fortune and 4 of Cups

The human mind always links Justice to injustice. We tend to hear the word as an answer to what we see as unjust situations around us and there’s usually a person or situation labelled bad by the end of it. Justice is seen as a correcting force or movement. But perhaps the issue we have is not with injustice, but how we define Justice itself.

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Card Meanings

If we truly accept that in mysticism all things come from Love or Spirit within ourselves, then it is not possible for the cards to have fixed meanings. We are looking at a system where we are peering into a window of infinity.

It is possible that the cards have been used over the years to develop occult systems of belief in much the same way as Christianity has been robbed of its ultimate aim of connecting you to Divinity by affixing superstitions to it. Those systems may have affixed beliefs to numbers or layouts and their mystery and promise is what makes them attractive to our wanting minds.

Messages and insights do not come via the cards to us, they come FROM Love or Spirit in us, the cards simply take us to the door of the meditative experience but cannot take us through. The ritual of laying out card spreads helps with that, but there is nothing magical or supernatural about it. Love does not see or know Tarot. It knows nothing of material things which is why I keep saying that fortune telling about the physical life is nothing more than mesmerism.

Material things such as cards alone are not of Love, Love neither sees them nor knows of them, they die or wear just like people do. They belong firmly in the human world so we need to get superstition firmly out of the way before we can start seriously talking about how Love expresses itself in Tarot and how cards or indeed anything around you can be viewed spiritually.

Vocal prayer and mental thoughts are the same. It is a bit like visiting the doctor, all these things are your preparations in seeking wholeness and unity. Love knows them not but they prepare you to have a higher thought of yourself or a situation. Simply calling to make a doctors appointment often makes us feel better in the same way as a piece of music or booking a holiday can invigorate us.

Contemplation and meditation is the only way to hear the gentle voice of Love. Once you start in that you will see that cards, rosaries or doctors are only your tools of preparation. Nothing more. We should not underestimate the power of ritual though, they themselves are prayers which come before your meeting with the Divine. They are the initial call, awaiting a solution. A way of trying to open yourself to hear Truth but with that comes a very stark warning about realising that these answers will come FROM inside you, not a magical cure or solution from a Tarot Card. In other words, the call is to meditate, contemplate and await the still small voice inside you.

About magic, oracles and general mind reading, they take much of their power from the ritual itself and also what you say during a card reading. If I can feel the opinion of a 19th century man by reading his book, then it is likely that others can pick up your opinions too and give them back to you with potential answers just by looking at you. There is nothing magical about that. It does not touch into the realm of Love and mysticism. It ranges from general mesmerism to basic mind reading. If indeed the person doing the reading has any kind of wisdom, he or she may use the cards to offer choices to you about a particular situation, but what little help is that if the reader created the problem that you hadn´t thought about. Does it not create or make a problem bigger than it was before you went for the reading? At best, the Tarot reading becomes a counselling session and maybe even a helpful one. Many psychologists use Tarot as a way to get inside a person´s head. That can be very helpful in their particular system but should not be mistaken for preparing you for an encounter with Love.

Much like Christianity, there are many people working with Tarot who think they are experts in their creed, powerful in reading cards and telling you your future. Sadly also much like Christianity, although well meaning, these people rarely are able to take your thoughts higher than the table you are sitting at and demand a healthy sum of money for their time.

We can learn about ourselves through Tarot, but not about our car size or wallet. About our true identity which is based in Love (Spirit). We were taught as Children that prayers are not answered because “we ask amiss”. Perhaps it has some relevance here.

Whether it is Tarot, Church or Art, these things are designed to take you higher to learn about your true Spiritual Identity and Love within which you reside. Enjoy the journey and come with an open mind with infinite possibility. When someone offers you a creed or dogma about Tarot, beware, because that´s usually all it is.

We do not live by effect of a Tarot reading or by the outer world. What are we seeking from a Tarot reading?

10 of Pentacles (Contemplation) Ace of Cups, (Love). Tower (Divine Fire)

The human mind tends to break itself up into different parts, allowing us to only glimpse things through very small ideas or mental images. It does not quite give us the full picture of Divinity with us. It has been created from the dust (false opinions) and cannot represent who we really are or what we are. These false sparks often lead to judgement of others and allow us to be gods over a kingdom where we believe good and evil exist for our sole purpose to sit in judgement. Creating a world for ourselves far more devious and complex than the one before with each judgement reaching out like tentacles touching those around us. A world of illusion based on hearsay, time honoured beliefs and simply false conclusions.

It is no surprise then that looking at Divinity from a human standpoint; Contemplation, (the pathway to God whom we call Love) as well as Love in its pure form and the spark of the Divine have all been categorised into three separate parts only accessible on a single basis, never together. This prevents us from accessing the fullness of Divine, the belief that Love is really here. It reduces Love down to academia only found here and there and looking through a mirror darkly, a thing called faith.

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